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1550nm IR LED

1550nm IR LED

3535 bracket, 1550NM 1560NM 1570NM 1580NM 1590NM, 3W high power infrared LED beads.

Model: HS35C0-15503W-120SI

Wave lenght: 1550NM

Power: 3W

Angle: 120°

Customizable: yes


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3W 1550NM Infrared LED Beads Features
  • This specification describes the light color as IR

  • Maximum drive current: 1000mA

  • Low thermal resistance: 6℃/W

  • Wide viewing angle: 120°

  • Unlimited floor life at ≥25℃ 60%RH


Flashlight, industrial automation, health and medical, security monitoring, visual inspection, night vision, AOI machine vision.

Product Selection Table
ParameterMinimum Radiant Flux @350 mAMinMaxOrder CodesHalf width



Package Dimensions

3535 980nm led

3535 980nm led

3535 980nm led

Electrical / Optical Characteristics
Viewing Angle120°degIF=700mA
Thermal Resistance Junction To Board<6°C/WIF=700mA
Temperature Coefficient of Forward Voltage-2mV/°CIF=700mA
IR Forward Voltage(VF)0.6-1.4VIF=700mA
Reverse Current(IR)5μAVR=5V

   Data update: 2023/7/10

Alias:  1510nm  1520nm  1530nm  1540nm  3535  1550 ir led  1500 ir led