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LED infrared heating plate (high power)

LED infrared heating plate (high power)

Uses higher power LED infrared beads with customizable power for use with optical components. Increase the photoelectric power of a single lamp bead to nearly 4 times of 3535. Can be used for industrial heating, baking, lamp warming, automation equipment.

Model: HS-PCBC-107-01

Wave lenght: 800-1300nm

Power: 1200-1500W

Angle: Depends on optical design

Customizable: yes


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IR Heating Plate

The light source chip adopts the international first-line brand, combined with HOTOPLEDS own IRLED packaging line and more than 10 years of team research and development experience, after design, development, manufacturing and secondary optical design combination, a personalized custom light source module is issued. Its advantages: high optical power Output, high-efficiency heat conduction, etc., make the heating element uniform, fast response, life span of 20,000-50,000 hours, lead-free, no harmful gas release, no flicker, instant use, green environmental protection, can achieve high, Low-voltage DC input, safer and more convenient operation, all in line with international RoHS, UL, CE and other certification standards.

All light source boards can be designed, developed and manufactured according to the size and drawings required by users;

t present, commonly used luminescence bands: 800nm, 850nm, 940nm, 1050nm, 1300nm, etc. (combinable or single band design), please inquire for details!

ProductIR Heating ElementRay range800-1300nm(Choose)
ModelHS-PCBC-107-01Luminous power2800-4000W/㎡
Heating width320mmPower1200-1500W
TechnologyUltrasonic bonding、Die-bonding packaging with nano-silver pasteRecommended cooling methodndustrial cooling water
ConstructionPlated constructionSize350*106mm
Characteristic ● The electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 40%,Stable energy output and low energy consumption, with electricity consumption less than 50% of traditional infrared light tubes;
● Driven by DC, does not contain mercury, does not pollute the environment, cold light source, high efficiency and energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection, is a better choice to replace traditional light source technology;
● It can be turned on instantly, and can reach 100% infrared light power output immediately without preheating;
● The service life is more than 20000 hours

Comparison of advantages
ProductIR Heater PlateTraditional infrared lamp
Optical spectrumMonochromaticWide wavelength range, many miscellaneous wavelengths, low efficiency
Adjustable brightness0-100%Small adjustable range
Electro-optical conversion efficiencyHighLow
Service life>20000h5000-10000h
Starting speedHighLow
Effective luminous areaAdjust according to demandUnadjustable
DimensionsDesign according to customer needsUnadjustable
Temperature controlAdjust according to demand, Precise temperature controlSmall adjustable range
Power consumptionLowHigh

In order to meet your various needs in the industrial production process, HOTOPLEDS can provide you with customized services,and can design and manufacture your infrared heating panels according to customer requirements.

Alias:  heating plate  Heating Module  IR light board  IR light plate  IR board