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850nm IR LED

850nm IR LED

3535 bracket, 850NM, 855NM 3W high power infrared (IR) LED beads.

Model: HS35C0-8503W-120SI-EFO2LVD

Wave lenght: 850NM

Power: 3W

Angle: 120°

Customizable: yes


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3W 850NM Infrared LED Beads Features
  • This specification describes the light color as IR

  • Maximum drive current: 1000mA

  • Low thermal resistance:6℃/W

  • Wide viewing angle: 120°

  • Unlimited floor life at≥30℃/85%RH


Flashlight,Industrial automation,Health care,Security monitoring,Plant growth lamp
Family 3535 leds are the ideal choice for lighting applications where high light output and maximum efficacy are required, such as LED retrofit lamps, outdoor, portable, indoor directional, emergency vehicle or architectural.

Product Selection Table
ParameterRadiation value at a current of 350 mAMinMaxOrder Codeshalf-wave width
Package Dimensions

3535 980nm.jpg

3535 980nm.jpg

3535 980nm.jpg

Electrical / Optical Characteristics at TA=25℃
Viewing Angle120°degIF=700mA
Thermal Resistance Junction To Boar<6°C/WIF=700mA
Temperature Coefficient of Forward Voltage-2mV/°CIF=700mA
IR Forward Voltage(VF)1.4-1.8VIF=700mA
Reverse Current(IR)5μAVR=5V

   Data update: 2023/7/10

Alias:  红外灯珠  850nm  845nm  监控灯珠  监控发光二极管  红外发光二极管  3瓦  3535