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Infrared (IR) led heating module

IR infrared light source module is a light source component suitable for infrared radiation heating equipment, which converts electrical energy into light energy with strong thermal effect and easy absorption of infrared rays.

Infrared (IR) led heating module

Infrared (IR) Module Function Introduction

IR Light Source Module

IR infrared light source module is suitable for infrared radiation heating equipment light source components, electrical energy into light energy, has a strong thermal effect, the infrared rays emitted are easy to be absorbed by the object, and in a resonance way to achieve the purpose of heating products, in the interior of the equipment, through the heat of the hot air heat conduction, convection, radiation, the completion of the baking operation of the product, suitable for all kinds of materials, rapid heating and drying, for hardware products, For hardware products, electrical components, solar photovoltaic silicon wafers, new energy materials, energy storage accessories, motor accessories, insulation shrinkage, electronic components, drying treatment, glass parts, plastic parts, silk screen spraying original products, leather and other products, not only high production efficiency, saving labor costs, but also has a rapid heating, uniform heat, heat exchange speed, baking quality and stability, uniformity of heating and other characteristics.

Product advantages

1、Customizable:according to the production volume and temperature requirements of different products, different lengths and widths can be customized.

2、High performance infrared heating can replace the hot air heating, high emissivity (more than 85%) after special treatment of the far-infrared heater, can be quickly and evenly heated;

3, radiant heating - directly for the product materials, workpieces, point to point, face to face heating, energy saving effect of more than 30

4, electric power range of 600-1200W, energy range of 250-450W conversion rate of 20%-50% (can be customized);

5, high efficiency heating energy density uniformity, power per unit area, fast warming, can make the heated object heated temperature uniformity, improve the quality;

6, exclusive new materials and new technologies, energy saving and power saving, safety and environmental protection;

7, the object being heated evenly heated, small temperature difference between inside and outside, no deformation, no discoloration, stable quality;

8, fast heating speed, high efficiency, can save time about 2-6 times, can significantly reduce the production and shipping cycle;

9, can be customized wavelength. The characteristics of the heated dry matter and the infrared radiation spectrum of the energy absorption is very different, it is recommended that the user in the selection of heating and drying products to refer to the corresponding material absorption wavelength data, in order to select the appropriate heating plate;

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